June 1 Newsletter


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Notes from the Market

Two questions. One: Are you following us on Instagram? Two: Does it feel like summer officially began? Based on last weekends' market we are going to go with a resounding "yes".

With that in mind a few notes if you'll indulge us...

-The Market is busiest between 11-11:30. If you want to avoid the crowds come down before.

-We have compost, trash, and recycling at the Market. Make sure you're putting your waste in the correct buckets. It saves us some sticky arms and loads of work at the end of the Market. These are for the items you purchase at the Market, like tacos, egg sammies, etc...please don't bring your compost from home. To learn more about home composting check out this article

-Please use public parking located throughout GB, and not reserved spaces when you come to the Market. Better yet, carpool with friends so you can stroll together!

This week we have Lenny and Roger playing some tunes. VIM will be at the community table. The Fresh Air Fund will be running the family tent with activities for littles. Librarian Laurie will be signing kids up for the summer reading program. So much to do, so much good food, see you there!

-Your Market Managers
Kate & Bridgette

Oh my, we are loving

that asparagus and those radishes at the Market. Thinking about making thisrecipe and will be picking up the rest of the ingredients from our sponsor

This week Carr Cider

brought in 2.5 acres of hay the old fashioned way- no baler here! Of course, we kept hydrated by chugging a lot of Switchel- it isn’t called haymakers punch for nothing! We are also happy to announce that we have improved the recipe by adding more ginger and it is so GOOD! We will have plenty on hand at the market this weekend, along with wild fermented hard cider, cider syrup, raw cider vinegar, and SNOW CONES! Come try your first Paw Paw snow cone - you won’t be sad you did. Can’t wait for the weekend!

There's good stuff going on out there

Maine did it, can Massachusets be next? 

The Sweetish Baker

has a savory galette in the works...Be sure to snag one of these delicious treats with Basil Pesto and Monterey Chèvre (courtesy of Rawsonbrook Farm, also available at the market)!! Delicious with soup, salad or by itself, the savory galette is bound to be a palate pleaser.

Vendor Profile


We want to give you a chance to get to know our vendors better. We've asked them a few questions and are excited to share their answer with you throughout the season. Kicking it off is Maddie Elling of Hosta Hill. Enjoy!

Hi, can you let us know who you are?

Maddie Elling, co-founder of Hosta Hill

Can you imagine yourself doing anything else? If so what?
Yes! I've always wanted to be a DJ, spinning for dance parties (still a goal in life). Also, an outdoor education teacher sounds fun and challenging.

What are some of the barriers you've faced in growing your business and how did you deal with them? 
Finding an affordable space that was fitting to our needs was a huge barrier. We operated out of a hole-in-the-wall basement kitchen space for more than 6 years. We made it work for all that time and it was great because our overhead was low. Last summer we moved into a larger facility to fit our needs for growing our business. It's an exciting time for the business and we are in the process of expanding all areas of the business.

What's your Market morning breakfast go to?
Scrambled eggs with cheese, salt and pepper, on Mi Tierra tortillas with mayo and curry kraut

Can you give us a snapshot of an average day in February? Now an average day in August? 
Feb: Office work! Hashing out production needs for the 2019 processing season, communicating with farmers and setting up vegetable contracts for the year, researching equipment for processing our vegetables more efficiently. Minimal kitchen work; packing jars, packing orders up to be delivered.
August: Lots of kitchen work, receiving pallets of vegetables, processing those vegetables into barrels to ferment for a few weeks, packaging the various products, going to market each week, sending out orders throughout the week.

Go to podcast/music?
Many! Podcasts; Savage Lovecast, The Daily by NY Times, Here Be Monsters,Love + Radio. For music, I like a wide range of eclectic music, lately, my go-to are Elder IslandJoni Mitchell, and Mountain Man.

Do you have a farm dog? What's their name? Can we pet it? 
We do have a dog, his name is Oso, he's from Mexico and you can definitely pet him.

What are the things you do to take care of yourself?
Lots of walking in the winter, swimming in the summer. Visiting with friends and family and making yummy food.

Do you ever work with other farmers? in what way?
Yes, our work with farming has been varied and evolving since we first started Hosta Hill. For a few years we collaborated with the Abode Farm CSA in New Lebanon, we worked on the farm in exchange for vegetables to use in our processing. We have also been growing on our own for the past few years but still needed to buy vegetables in to meet our production demand. Last year we took the year off from farming to focus on scaling up our production and won't be farming again this year, so now we work closely with farmers in setting up vegetable contracts in advance of the growing season to supply our vegetable needs for the coming production season. This year we are in contracts with MX Morningstar Farm, Markristo, Atlas Farm, Kitchen Garden Farm and Winter Moon Roots for our cabbages, carrots, radish, garlic, peppers, and onions.

What do you hope to see for the next generation of farmers?
Well, hopefully, we can take measures to slow down climate change because the seasons just keep getting more intense-with rains, heat waves and cold snaps. On a positive thought my hope for the next generation is more business and profit to farmers; perhaps through overcoming the challenges for more individuals/businesses/institutions to buy and source locally grown foods and curb our food waste and feed more people!

What product/tool/resource do you wish was available or made locally?
Butter and commercial composting

Thanks Maddie!


The Arts Market 

Is excited to welcome back some of our favorite vendors along with some newbies! 
Moho Designs/Petit Pilou
JK Custom Furniture & Design 
First Flower Farm
Breakout Press Co.
Codo Ceramics + Textiles
Round Designs
Turned Again
Dai Ban Studio
La Boa Brava

MX Morningstar. Good News

from our farm. Although we have been a week or two behind with weather-related issues and general 'moving a farm' shenanigans we will be picking summer squash for market this Friday! This will be your chance to score the very cute & very petite first fruit set of the season!  (I promise they will be bigger than the ones I'm holding in my hand)

See you on Saturday
Also here are pictures of  cows with a blowout...yes, you're welcome 

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2019 Sponsors
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Our Vendors

Vegetables & Fruit
Double Decker Farm
Markristo Farm
Indian Line Farm
MX Morningstar
Mill River Farm
Samascott Orchards
Maynard Farm
Pioneer Valley Organic Farm

Bread & Baked Goods & Sweets
Strudel Z
The Sweetish Baker
Berkshire Mt. Bakery
Aunt Elsie
Crooked Stick Pops
Dutch Desserts
Our Daily Bread

Meat & Dairy
Off the Shelf Eggs
North Plain Farm
Mayflower Farm
Pura Vida Fish


Ciders & Coffee
Carr Cider
No. Six Depot

Prepared Foods
Hosta Hill
Les Collins
Inner Flame
Destinos Tacos
Farm Country Soup

R+G Cheese
Cricket Creek Farm
Rawson Brook

Personal Care & Craft
Green Meade Farm
Oakwood Farm

Justamere Tree Farm

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February News


Oh hello there, how are you?

It's Febuary, we've been reviewing vendor applications and planning for the season. Our farmers have finalized their crop lists, and seeds are rolling in. JP and Marian of Justamere Tree Farm will have their first run of sap soon. This Friday you can hear them on WAMC Food FridayMayflower farm has welcomed a handful of new lambs. Lots of delicious food and great community events are coming your way. Including our first ever fundraiser. A night of storytelling at the Mahaiwe and at noon today TICKETS are ON SALE!  The winter world is starting to stretch its limbs and search for spring. How are you staying busy this season? Take care of yourself, we miss you and hope to see you soon!
-Your Market Managers

Food stories to support the Market

We are beyond excited to be hosting our first fundraiser! 


Join us for a night of storytelling at the Mahaiwe, akin The Moth or Snap Judgement. From Farmers to Chefs we have a great lineup ready to share their food stories. Proceeds from your ticket purchase will go towards our nutrition assistance programs. At the Market, we double SNAP, WIC and Senior Farmers Market Checks. Help us protect and support this program that brings food into the homes of local families.  Keep scrolling down to find out who our special guest storyteller is... 

A note on ticket pricing: While we hope you'll support the Market nutrition assistance programs by making a full price purchase, we don't want the price to stand in the way of you attending this community event!!! If $25 is outside of your budget shoot us an email and we will send you a code for reduced-price tickets. EBT customers bring your card as proof of enrollment and you can purchase tickets directly at the Mahaiwe for a special price.

Julia Turshen, special guest storyteller!!!

Best selling author of Small VictoriesFeed the Resistance, and Now and Again. She has written for The New York Times, The Washington PostThe Wall Street Journal, VogueBon AppétitFood & Wine, and Saveur. Founder ofEATT an inclusive digital directory of women/non-binary individuals in food,podcast hostactivistcook,  friend crush...Julia lives in the Hudson Valley with her wife and pets. So excited to hear her story, aren't you?

dysfunctional love story

Do you use a dehydrator to preserve the harvest? This is the one I DREAM of, bonus it looks like it came out of your grandma's 1980's kitchen. Here's a list of other great choices. 

Zero waste valentines for your day

Spread that love why don't ya? 

Do you have Valentine's plans? 

Personally, I'm a  fan of the joyful alternative of galentiniesHowever, spending time with anyone you love is a good idea.  This is at the Mahaiwe, and our sponsor 20 Rail Road has a great menu.  Sounds like a plan.

Fredrick Douglas chose Feb 14  as his birthday  

Recalling this article from NPR about how food was used as a form of social control. Encouraging everyone to sign up for this 21 day challenge

How your food choices can affect climate change

There are a lot of reasons the support your local farms. Not only does it help the local economy, lead to healthier food choices, and promote more sustainable agriculture practices, it also reduces your carbon footprint. 

Winter Farmers Market and signing up for a CSA.

Berkshire Grown's February Market is this weekend. What a great way to spend your Saturday morning. Or start planning for summer and use their "find a farm" feature to locate a CSA near you. Are you on SNAP? Worried you won't be able to afford a share? There are options for you, through the share the bounty program reach out.

Need help with food or fuel this winter?

We all need help sometimes, there are groups in the Berkshires who are happy to provide it.

Just a reminder

The days are getting  L O N G E R 

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Just a few ways sponsorship helps us...

double SNAP, WIC, and Senior FMC


provide special events

replace old equipment

maintain our website and newsletter