Thank you for your interest in joining the vendor community! Please see below for important information about the market, application, and  application process. Be sure to fill out all forms, review market expectations, and mail or email any required attachments. Excited to begin? Us to! Good luck and see you at the bottom of the page.


Important Market Dates


  • Application deadline-Feb 1

  • Notification of full, half season, and initial guest vendors-no later than- March 1

  • Deposit Due-March 8

  • Additional guest vendors- Rolling basis

  • All vendor paperwork due-April 20

  • All vendor fees due-May 1



  • Opening day-May 11

  • Closing day-October 26

  • Half season-14 markets-$375

  • Daily options

    • high season (July 4-Labor day) $100 a day

    • low season-$55

Application Review

Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. Applications will only be reviewed when they are complete (see below for an application checklist). All applications are reviewed by the Market Steering Committee. Preference for acceptance had been laid out in our vendor handbook. Criteria for acceptance may include-

  • Adherence to payment and application deadlines

  • Participation in previous years

  • GBFM need for products

  • Volume and space available at the market

  • Local and regional-farm and products from within 50 miles of GBFM

  • Attendance record from previous year

  • Willing volunteerism during previous market year

  • Adherence to market expectations during the previous year

Applicants can expect to hear from the steering committee no later than March 1 for full and half season vendors. Daily vendors are accepted on a rolling basis.


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A nonrefundable application review fee of $10-accepted vendors this fee will go towards your market dues Deposit of $100.00. Refundable Attendance Deposit of $300.00 (Required only of 'notified' members, with 4 or more in-excused absences last year) Full List of Products to be offered at the GBFM. Please remember this is a grower/producer only market. All items you wish to sell must be grown and/or produced by you on your farm. See rules for further details. The ONLY exception to this rule is as follows: a category for resale vendors shall be allowable at the sole discretion of the steering committee for specific items deemed necessary for the total good of the market. (See section 1,L of rules for more information.) Diagram, Sketch or Map of all fields, orchards, greenhouses and other properties used for the production of goods offered for sale at the GBFM. Please indicate planned locations of crops or processing for this year with the approximate acres of each cropped site. Notify the GBFM of any changes as they occur. Certificate of Liability Insurance for your farm at the GBFM (market should be specifically listed on the document). Permits Prepared Food Vendors must obtain an up to date Food Establishment Permit from their local Board of Health. This permit and a ServSafe Certificate must be submitted to the Great Barrington Board of Health in order to apply for a G.B. Temporary Food Establishment Permit which is required by our market. Copies of all three documents must accompany this application. You can now download your Health Application and info at – health dept – downloadable forms – temporary food permits. If you have any questions, call the G.B. health inspector @ (413) 528-0680 Certificate of Organic Certification if you intend to sell any product as ‘organic’ at the GBFM. Below please share your plan for getting us this information. Thank you!

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Market Expectations

Great Barrington Farmers’ Market (GBFM)

Vendor Policies (Summarized)


To ensure the best possible experience for vendors, customers, and community members please review the policies below. This document is a simplified version of the official GBFM Bylaws which you must read for information regarding your specific products.  All vendors, their staff and substitutes need to adhere to these policies.  


A. Set up

  1. Vendors must arrive 60 to 90 min before the market begins.

  2. Setup and market jobs must be completed, 10 minutes prior to market opening.   

  3. No vehicles will be allowed in the parking lot 20 minutes prior to market opening.  

  4. All vendors must park at Jane Iredale’s green production office of at the bottom of Church Street.

  5. Be sure the visual setup is safe, hazard free, and visually appealing.

  6. Your space consists of 10’ of frontage corner to corner for a full space.  You cannot be guaranteed space on the sides for selling.  


B. During the market

  1. All items to be sold must have been approved on Vendor Application and are to be 100% grown and/or produced by the Vendor.

  2. The sale of goods is prohibited before and discouraged after market operation hours.

  3. Each vendor is responsible for keeping the area around their stall tidy.

  4. Each vendor must follow health regulations as outlined by the Board of Health.

  5. Please make sure all signage regarding SNAP/HIP/WIC and senior coupons is well displayed.

  6. Have necessary permits, licences, and other documentation readily available at every market.  

  7. The vendor is responsible for complying with all requirements, laws, and licenses set by the town of Great Barrington, state of Massachusetts, and the Federal Government (USDA, FDA, and potentially others).

  8. All products must have appropriate signage, including price.

  9. All products should be of top or grade “A” quality. Any seconds or canners may be offered but must be labeled as such. The Market Manager has the right to ban any inferior products from the sales area.

  10. Produce may be sold by the bunch, piece, container, or by weight.

  11. Vendors planning to use a scale should have it sealed by an official state or city Sealer of Weights and Measures. Household scales are not permitted.

  12. Vendors are prohibited from the use of or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at the market.

  13. Vendors are prohibited from bringing pets to the GBFM.

  14. Participating vendors are prohibited from engaging in any behavior not appropriate for a public setting including, but not limited to, use of obscene or abusive language and/or physical violence.

  15. Any vendor providing samples must use gloves and must have the capacity to wash and sanitize utensils including knives, cutting boards, and serving utensils.


C. Break down

  1. Vendors are required to stay at the market until closing.

  2. Breakdown of stalls can begin after market closing.

  3. Prior to leaving your sale area must be clean and swept.  

  4. If ice is dumped it should be done on the drains, not on grass.

  5. Closing early due to extreme weather is at the discretion of the market manager.

  6. All trash must be taken home by vendor and disposed of off the property.  Trash barrels are not meant for vendors.  


D. Property Use

  1. Jane Iredale donates this property for the farmers’ market use.  We ask that at all times vendors are respectful of Jane’s property. Please help to encourage customers to do the same.

  2. We ask that vendors stay off the grass.

  3. Vendors must take the utmost care while driving around/in/through the parking lot taking care to keep persons, other vehicles and property free of injury or damage.  Any accidents must be reported to the market manager at once.  


E. Attendance

  1. If you are unable to attend a market, you must contact the market manager in advance.

  2. Chronic absences could result in loss of selling space.

  3. After 3 or more absences an attendance deposit will be required the following year.  


F.  Grievance

  1. If issues come up that you feel need to be addressed, please come to the market manager or a member of the steering committee.

G.  Violations

  1. A violation shall be non compliance with any of the above policies, including nonpayment of fees, misleading signage and selling any product not grown or produced by vendor or products not approved during the application process.  

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One last thing! To review-you've provided us with the following. 

Application Checklist

  • Full application

  • $10 application review fee-non-refundable

  • Certificate of Organic certification or equivalent

  • Certificate of liability insurance

  • Health permits (prepared food vendors)

    • Serve safe

    • Food establishment permit

    • Temporary food establishment permit

  • Attached, emailed, or mailed - full product list

  • Attached, emailed, or mailed- map/diagram/or sketch

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